First of all – thanks for the interest in learning more about me! I was born in Cádiz, a gorgeous small town in southern Spain, and I lived there until I started college and moved to Madrid to study Physics at Complutense University. I had always been interested in knowing more about how the world works – Physics offered exactly that.

After graduating, I moved to Germany to get a master’s degree. I ended up in Ulm, a beautiful town in the southwest of the country where I worked within Prof. Martin Plenio’s research group in Quantum Biology. I love teaching, so I was lucky enough to get the chance to also work there as a Teaching Assistant in the BSc Physics.

I am an extremely curious person. I am always reading and trying to learn new things (economics, philosophy, literature…), and almost everything piques my curiosity if it’s explained nicely. I like knowing the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, but, above all, I love knowing the ‘why’ of things. It was, in fact, a side interest in what had happened around the world during the 2008 financial crisis that ended up driving me out of Physics and into the business world. I joined McKinsey & Company to become a strategy consultant shortly thereafter.

After a few years there, I decided to come to the US to obtain an MBA at MIT Sloan. I then rejoined McKinsey after graduation, this time based out of Miami. More recently, I became a venture capital investor at Starlight Ventures, where we aim to support some of the best founders out there solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

If I haven’t managed to bore you already, please go on to read my blog!

The beautiful header that decorates the website was created by Natalia García Lozano. A dear friend of mine, and also, as you can see, a great designer!